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Cate Taylor is a local independent singer/songwriter who had her album Red Dirt featured on The Dotted Line (Wednesdays 9-11pm) in September 2020. The Dotted Line showcases the wealth of musical talent of all ages and genres in our region taking local music to a global audience.

On Red Dirt, Taylor’s song writing showed a depth and subtlety, which caught our attention. This song writing, in combination with her guest musicians, David Bridie, Nicola Bell, Greg Hamilton, Nina Rose and John Beddgood, lifted the songs on the album to another level. We often focus on production on The Dotted Line, and we were struck by how well the production on Red Dirt matched and complimented the songs.

The prospect of another album from Cate is very exciting, we look forward to hearing it with great anticipation. David Miller The Dotted Line 3MDR 97.1fm

3CR RADIO REVIEW – JOE MALIGNAGGI Here we have another quality debut record from a local singer songwriter.

Cate Taylor presents honest, reflective songs that paint a picture of our place in the environment.

A record for any season and mood, evident during a live to air appearance for Music Matters, on 3CR Community Radio, February 2020.

Dawn Skies, Red Dirt and Ellery Creek are my selections of choice.

Joe Malignaggi
3CR – Music Co-ordinator

ARTIST STATEMENT from Justin Brady I am a professional musician who has worked in the Australian music industry as a multi-instrumentalist on fiddle, mandolin and harmonica for 35 years and I am most well known for my time with ” Things of Stone & Wood who won an ARIA award. 

My particular bent is to play, record and tour with singer songwriters who have something to say with their music in a meaningful way with substance and Cate Taylor is one such songwriter. 

After spending much time listening to Cate’s beautiful album ” Red Dirt “, I was really taken by her skills as a songwriter. I have also rehearsed with Cate on some of her new material, which again, is quality song writing.  

I would love to be involved in her next musical project and would like to endorse her as a great songwriter with something of value to contribute and express through her work.



Cate Taylor is an alt folk/country singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. Her career in music started in her late teens. I was surprised to hear that her release Red Dirt is her debut album. She collaborated with Nicola Bell, David Bridie, Greg Hamilton, Nina Rose and John Beddgood. 

Red Dirt
 is an impressive album in myriad ways. The first thing I noticed was just how beautifully recorded and produced the album is. Everything from the drums to the strings seems organic and is warm and rich. It’s the kind of recording where your ears become very happy to hear these frequencies.

The music is emotionally resonant and heartfelt. There is a blend of hope, nostalgia and joy. Often times I found these emotions to be existing simultaneously. The album starts with “Dawn Skies” and you’re introduced to acoustic guitars and Taylor’s voice. She sounds natural and, similar to the music, contains a concoction of emotions. That being said this song felt fairly reflective and like an observation.

“Red Dirt” is definitely a little more dynamic and hopeful in mood. There is also a sense of comfort I was getting when listening to the song. It might be the most single-worthy song on the album. I also loved the harmonica in the song. “Into the Garden” is a gorgeous tune with some sublime vocal harmonies. The vocal accompaniment sounds great against her voice. On top of that the guitar parts are beautiful. The minimal “A Poem Or Two” is another great song that combines cascading vocal parts with orchestral strings.

“Day At A Time” felt like the most pop oriented track. The hook is notable and the joyous sound here felt like a radio friendly tune. “Ellery Creek” is another beautiful track and I loved the traditional sort of Celtic vibe I was grooving to at the end.

“A Blackbird’s Way” felt like a proper closer that was reflective and perhaps the most melancholy song. The piano parts were a very nice element that adds to the emotion.

​Everything about this release felt professionally done from the performance to the recording. It’s obvious how much work went into these recordings. The songs are brimming with human emotion that was easy to connect with. Recommended.

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